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Here you will find Blondie's favorites book collection. I have read a tremendous amount of books that have been very helpful. They are divided into several categories.

€ Fibromyalgia Resources
€ Fatigue Resources
€ Migraine Headache Resources
€ Christian Spiritual Help Resources

Fibromyalgia (FMS)

€Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome: A Survival Manual
Devin J. Starlanyl   Mary E. Copeland

This book is like an encyclopedia for Fibromyalgia sufferers. It goes into great detail about this illness. The book's author who is a doctor, has FMS. You will find that he completely understands fibromyalgia. What better qualifications could you get than being a physician and having the illness himself.*


€From Fatigued To Fantastic!
Jacob Teitelbaum,MD
A resource guide for FMS and CFIDS sufferers. This book examines many factors that may be responsible for these conditions. It is a superb book written by a physician who has experienced CFIDS/FMS.

€Tired Of Being Tired
Micahel Schmidt
This book provides a critically needed, comprehensive understanding of fatigue and chronic lack of energy. Dr Schmidt shows how a number of simple causes can create a metabolic poisoning of the body.


€The Headache Book
Dr. Frank Minirth
In this invaluable and comprehensive book, Dr. Minirth defines the different types of headaches, what causes them, and how to prevent and/or manage their pain. He offers a eight-step action plan- combining medical, psychological, and spiritial advice for Chrisitians and anyone who suffers from Migraines

€Christian Spiritual Encouragement

€Woman Thou Art Loosed!
T.D. Jakes
This book offers healing to hurting women. I was absolutely encouraged and spiritualy motivated after reading this compassionate book for women.

€Naked And Not Ashamed
T.D. Jakes
Well,it's definitely a catchy title, you have to admit! What this book is really about, is the underlying person that we really are, under the false facades. The person we know we are, and God knows we are. With God, we can just leave all that fake stuff behind, because we ain't fooling ourselves, so we sure ain't fooling God. Ut oh! I better hush up and leave the preaching to T.D. Jakes, .... 'cause he sure is good at it.

€The Gift Of Forgiveness
Charles Stanley
Dr. Stanley said it all when he wrote "Whatever your situation, whatever has happened in the past, remember that you are the loser if you do not deal with an unforgiving spirit." This book helps to teach us the art of forgiveness. I haven't met not one person who has not had to forgive. Christ shows us the ultimate example of forgiveness, when he died on the Cross for our sins. (There I go preaching again, I would say I'm sorry but I wouldn't mean it, so if start it again~ I'll type in this code ~TIGPA~ which stands for "There I Go Preaching Again~ this is just between us two...oh and of course The Lord!)

Many more of Blondie's Favorite books will be listed here soon. Be sure to check back often.

*This is Blondie's expressed opinion of the books.

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