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Blondesundrop's Most frequently Asked Questions

And Answers

1.How can I become a member of Blondesundrop list?

Just visit Click here to sign up. Just fill in your email address and click and fill in the inforamtion to subscribe.

2.Can I change my email address to the Blondesundrop list?

Yes, you may subscribe, change or unsubscribe by clicking here and following the instructions.

3.Where do you get your graphics?

I make my custom Blondesundrop banners and headers and others I get from different public graphic gif sites.

4.Where do you get your music?

I get all my midis from public midi sites.

5.Do you write your own poems?

Yes, all of my poems are written by me, unless anoher author's name is notated below it. Most of the poems on Blondesundrop are written by me.

6.How can I put a graphic on a webpage?

Use the following code to program

IMG SRC="http://the_graphic_address_here.html" enclose it with < before and > after. 7.How can I program music on my page?

Use the following code to program

EMBED SRC="http://the_graphic_address_here.html" enclose it with < before and > after.


BGSOUND SRC="http://the_midi_address_here.html" enclose it with < before and > after.

8.I can't hear music, how are your pages programed?

To accomodate most browsers, I load my music both ways as shown above on each of my Blondesundrop "Sweet Emotions" pages.

9.Do you create your pages yourself?

Yes, the are made by me...with God's help.

10.What kind of training or education did you have, that you are able to create Webpages?

I have never had a computer class, I started learning on the internet, in August of 1998. I begin to read anything I could find on the web on the subject of creating Webpages.

11.How can I send Blondesundrop pages to my friends? On the Blondesundrop "Sweet Emotions" pages, there are "Suggest this site" blanks at the bottom of each page. Fill in the blanks with the requested information and then click on the button that says "suggest this site" right below it.