Click speaker for "Foggy Mounatin Breakdown"

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Welcome to Blondie's home of Southern Hospitality!

I want you to meet my distant cousin BillyBob.

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Together we are going to teach you the fine art of speaking Southern.

Now I must admit, BillyBob gets the fun part. I am left with the boring interpretation of proper English. I ask one favor of you please! In order to obtain the true feeling of being in the South, and to help you learn, I ask that you read your lesson out loud and slowly. O.k. Lets begin!

Alright, BillyBob, You start with the lesson and I'll interpret. Lesson One: BillyBob:

"We wont ye ta feel ryat at hoam. Wen ye vizit Blondesundrop, u ar vizitin tha gude Suthern state ove North K'ly-na, wur I wuz boworn an raized. Blondie's Interpretation: We want you to feel right at home. When you visit Blondesundrop, you are visiting the good Southern State of North Carolina, where I was born and raised!