Welcome to Blondie's Blondesundrop!

The original Blondesundrop, in it's entirety no longer exsists.

As many of you are aware, as Blondesundrop became very popular, the site's problems also became big. Blondesundrop has been hacked, stolen, returned, and then a month later, the main page and much of the site's contents were simply deleted by some unknown individual.

I struggled for 6 months to build a decent, enjoyable, FREE site for others. I still do not understand what would motivate someone to destroy Blondesundrop. After I discovered the last tampering, I turned the internet off and I did not return to the internet for one solid month. My heart has been shattered, as my hard work was destroyed.

For those of you who wish to view what remains of this site, please continue your journey. Click here

to begin your journey.

Thanks to all those who have supported Blondesundrop by their kind words and prayers.

If you have thoughts, opinions, or questions, you would like to share with Blondesundrop's viewers, please use the message board provided.

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